Hi! I'm

Lolita Carrico

As a certified nutritionist and self-taught chef, I'm passionate about exploring and experimenting with food! After having two children, I struggled for years with my own hormonal changes and weight gain. In 2018, I embarked on a ketogenic diet journey to manage my weight and moods. By delving into the science and nutritional aspects of the keto lifestyle, I experienced fast results - within three months, I had lost 25 pounds of excess weight! Five years later, I have kept up a total weight loss of 75-pounds and intuitively follow a balanced keto lifestyle that doesn't sacrifice anything for me. My passion for how what we eat can impact not only our weight, but our entire body and mental health inspired me to get my nutritionist certification during the pandemic. My knowledge has even earned me three best selling cookbooks about following the keto diet and easy, healthy recipes.