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Starting on a ketogenic lifestyle can seem overwhelming and initially, can sound expensive - especially when much of what we hear is that we must buy "pasture raised" or "grass fed" products. While yes, there are health and science benefits to upgrading to the purer forms of food when possible, it's perfectly healthy and acceptable to get your meat,...
Everyone touts the benefits of Bulletproof coffee - especially on a Ketogenic diet. And everyone has their preferred methods of making it - with slight variations all over the web. I've been drinking a cup of Bulletproof coffee each morning for about three years now - long before I started living a Ketogenic lifestyle. I've modified it for a number...
As I've mentioned, I've had weight struggles since my late teens, however after I had my children and approached 40 years old, it got all the more difficult. While I was working out, eating well and keeping my carb intake under control, the pounds - specifically in my midsection - kept creeping on. And, my hormones were all over the...

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Growing up, I remember my weight always being an issue. Not that I was consistently overweight, but my weight fluctuated from my teens well into my college years and beyond. I would go from super skinny to overweight through the years - without much understanding of why. I realized in my high school years that I did respond well...
What are macros anyway? Success with Keto really comes down to one thing: your macros. What are macros? They're the amount of grams of fat, protein and carbs you need to get to enter and maintain ketosis. So, we know we want to be in the 60% - 75% fat, 5% - 10% carbs and 15% - 30% protein -...

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