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We consume a lot of eggs around here and they're featured almost daily in our meal plans. My favorite way to enjoy eggs is usually poached, the delicate texture and perfectly runny yolks works well with so many dishes from breakfasts to soups to even a steak and eggs dinner. However, poaching an egg can be tricky. My friends always...
How to survive week one on a keto diet
There is a lot of buzz about the Ketogenic diet these days - with everyone from celebrities like Khloe Kardashian to Instagram influencers to YouTubers to your neighbor touting the benefits of eating fat and reducing carbs. Low carb diets are nothing new, but the Keto diet which limits carbs and significantly increases fat, is taking the world by...
Avocados are basically lifeblood for those living a Ketogenic lifestyle. On the Ketology plan, we recommend eating at least one avocado a day. Why? Avocados pack INCREDIBLE nutrition in a delicious little package. Not only are they one of the best sources of good - Omega-3 - fats, avocados help reduce inflammation,  aid with arthritis, is effective in diabetes management,...
While I have never been a big fan of pasta itself, I love everything that goes WITH pasta: sauces, cheese, garlic, spices, meatballs... When I first started shifting to a ketogenic diet, one of my primary missions was to find new ways to enjoy all the things that go with pasta. I am not a fan of the kelp...
Salads are an essential part of my day. I usually have a huge salad at lunchtime that fills me up and keeps me satisfied until dinner. My secret to constructing the perfect salad is to combine six elements: The Greens: I put at least 3 cups of greens in my salad - usually a blend of a lot of different...
There's a lot of debate about collagen peptides (sometimes confused with collagen protein) and it's benefits or if it's just another trend that will fade out. While the debate rages on, there's some real science and health facts about why supplementing your diet with collagen peptides can be beneficial. I've been adding collagen peptides to my Bulletproof coffee recipe...

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