Keto Cocktails: 20 Low Carb Cocktail Recipes for Any Time of Year

Whoever said you have to compromise on enjoyment when you’re living the low-carb or keto lifestyle clearly hasn’t tried my sensational lineup of low-carb and keto cocktails. I’ve been sharing low carb and keto cocktails regularly on TikTok and Instagram, all of which are big on taste but light on carbs. To make it easy to find the low carb alcoholic libation you might want to try, I thought it was about time to round ’em all up in one post! Whether you’re looking to unwind with a classic cocktail or add some pizzazz to your next gathering, I’ve got you covered. So let’s shake, stir, and sip our way through a selection of drinks that’ll keep you in ketosis and high spirits. Cheers to guilt-free indulgence!

Keto Margaritas and Tequila Recipes

Keto Sugar-Free Lime Margaritas
This stevia-sweetened version of a keto classic margarita recipe is simple to make and the addition of pink sea salt on the rim (totally optional) adds a nice touch – and some good minerals to go with our keto cocktail!
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Keto Blackberry Margarita
Fresh blackberries are among the lowest carb fruits and add a fresh and rich flavor to this low carb margarita.
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Low Carb Watermelon Margarita
This watermelon margarita is oh-so-refreshing with tangy fresh lime juice, fresh juiced watermelon and of course, tequila!
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watermelon margarita
Keto Cranberry Margarita
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Simple Coconut Margarita
We recently returned from a Caribbean holiday where I couldn't get enough of the tropical flavors. These are delicious and no one will know they're sugar-free and low carb!
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Low Carb Tequila Sour
Instead of a margarita, try this refreshing cocktail that has the lime and tequila goodness of a margarita with a smooth, velvety texture.
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low carb tequila sour
Low Carb Paloma Cocktail
A light, refreshing and delicious summer cocktail with less than 4g of carbs per serving!
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low carb paloma cocktail

Keto Martinis and Vodka Recipes

Keto Dirty Martini with Blue Cheese-Stuffed Olives
A dirty martini is keto-approved on it’s own – without modifications, however I’m including the recipe because it is one of my favorite cocktails and fun to make at home for guests. I like to make bleu cheese-stuffed olives at home – simply take pitted green olives and your favorite bleu cheese and stuff them right before serving! However you can also easily buy jarred bleu cheese-stuffed olives at most markets.
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keto dirty martini
Sugar-Free Espresso Martini
Savor your weekends with this luxurious Low-Carb Espresso Martini, a guilt-free concoction blending bold espresso and smooth vodka, sweetened with keto-friendly allulose and enriched with a splash of creamy vanilla, all topped with a sprinkle of cocoa powder for that extra touch of indulgence!
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low carb espresso martini
Sugar-Free Apple Cider Martini
Celebrate the holiday season with this delightful low carb apple cider martini, perfectly balanced with vodka, homemade brown sugar simple syrup, and a hint of orange bitters.
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sugar free holiday drinks
Low Carb Vodka Mojitos
Swerve or Erythritol in the simple syrup makes these delicious mojitos basically guilt free (well, there's the vodka part).?
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Low Carb Blackberry Basil Cooler (aka Provence Cooler) 🌿
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low carb cocktail
Low Carb Cranberry Moscow Mule
This festive take on a classic moscow mule uses sugar-free Ginger Beer and Cranberry Juice to keep the carbs at bay.
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Low Carb Cranberry Moscow Mule
Low Carb Pumpkin Moscow Mule
Savor the essence of autumn with this Low Carb Pumpkin Moscow Mule, a refreshing blend of rich pumpkin, tangy lime, and spicy ginger ale, offering a guilt-free, cozy embrace in a glass. It's the perfect concoction to warm up your fall evenings, combining classic flavors in a unique, low-carb way that will have you reaching for another!
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pumpkin moscow mule
Low Carb, Low Sugar Campfire Mule
Indulge in the smoky and sweet flavors of a low carb Campfire Mule, garnished with sugar-free marshmallows – the perfect holiday treat with a spicy twist
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campfire mule

Keto Gin Recipes

Low Carb Strawberry Basil Lemonade
For a twist on traditional lemonade, this is a tasty way to beat the heat!
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Low-Carb “Naughty Girl” Cocktail
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Low Carb Cocktail
Low Carb Negroni
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low carb negroni
Low Carb, Sugar Free Bee’s Knees Cocktail
Indulge in a guilt-free delight with our Low Carb Bee's Knees Cocktail, a tangy and refreshing classic made with a sugar-free honey substitute.
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low carb cocktails
Low Carb Kombucha Gimlet
I love a classic gimlet, and this version adds gut-friendly kombucha for a deliciously good-for-you (ish) cocktail!
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Low Carb Kombucha Gimlet
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