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by Lolita Carrico

Get your weight and fat loss goals jumpstarted with this course-style challenge designed to teach you all about a ketogenic lifestyle optimized for women while learning how to make delicious keto meals, how to order out or dine out and lose up to a pound a day!

You’ll Get:

  • How to Start Keto: A guide – with videos and detailed steps – on how to get yourself ready for a keto diet to set you up for success. You’ll start by easing in to ketosis for 3 days so you don’t have many of the “Keto Flu” symptoms some experience in their first weeks.
  • A Practical Approach to Keto: Most diets fail because they are difficult to follow and interfere with day-to-day life. My tips make it easy to live your life — whether you’re eating out, on the go, or making meals for your whole family – so you don’t feel deprived or are having to make multiple meals. My book, The Ketology Kitchen, topped the list of keto and low carb cookbooks because I’ve devised methods and recipes that allow you to look and feel better than every while living your life to the fullest. You’ll get my book, but also exclusive tips that I send you EVERY DAY for 90 DAYS, to keep you motivated and on track.
  • 90 Days of Meal Plans, recipes and more: You’ll get 3 months of meal plans that you can mix and match so you can eat more of what you love, keep food boredom on the back-burner and truly enjoy delicious meals, snacks, desserts and even cocktails if you like!
  • PLUS ALL of the cookbooks and planners below are included!

Ketology Guides & Books

Best Seller on Amazon - 5 Star Reviews


A 200+ page cookbook and guide to looking and feeling your best over 40. 50+ delicious recipes, beautiful photos and essential information, tips and hacks to blasting fat, stabilizing hormones and reversing the signs of aging.

FREE GUIDE: How to Start A Keto Diet Successfully


25+ pages with essential information, shopping lists and recipes to get you started with the keto diet for success. 7-day meal plan, dozens of recipes and advice to start losing fat and increasing energy!

Yes! You Can Eat At Your Favorite Restaurants On Keto


The key to long-term success on a ketogenic lifestyle is to be able to LIVE YOUR LIFE and not feel deprived or held back. This eBook covers how to eat out without sacrifice including what to order at the most popular restaurants!

Keep Focused & Set Yourself Up for Success


This digital download helps you get started with a keto diet and track your progress along the first 30 days...the most critical stage! Combined with our Starter Guide, this ensures you stay motivated and on track!

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