Cason Sugar Free Soda: Low Carb Drinks We Love ❤️


With Keto, one of the hardest things our members and those on keto need to adjust to is giving up their favorite beverages and sodas. Yes, “diet” sodas are ok on Keto, however the sugar alternatives used in mainstream zero-calorie and zero-sugar beverages still aren’t the healthiest choices. Most sodas use sucralose (also known as Splenda) for their zero calorie and sugar-free options however Sucralose has been found to increase gut inflammation (something we are trying to AVOID on Keto!) and is basically sugar that has been altered with chlorine. Yes, chlorine; plus it was found that sucralose could be linked to leukemia in mice.

Soooo…because we don’t expect you to go cold turkey on your favorite fizzy drinks and sodas, we’re sharing a recent find (thank you, Boozy Ketones) that I LOVE. Sweetened with Erythritol and also infused with other good-for-you ingredients like anti-oxidants and electrolytes, these sparkling beverages are perfect to satisfy cravings AND make great mixers for low carb cocktails…as I found out today when I made Moscow Mules using their delicious Ginger Beer.

I started with the sample pack from Amazon to try out all their flavors – the Ginger Beer and Blood Orange are my current faves.

Cason All-Natural Sparkling Water – starts at $14.99 for a case at Amazon







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