Easy, Simple Keto Caesar Salad Dressing


Caesar salads have been my obsession all summer and it hasn’t let up yet. I have them when we go to dinner at our favorite steak house, order a chicken caesar from my favorite salad joint on Postmates for lunch at the office at least 3x a week…thankfully, caesar dressing is super #keto friendly and I realized, easy to make at home! We discovered that our new home has a beautiful lemon tree in the backyard so I decided that my first recipe using our fresh lemons would be a caesar dressing. **Click on IGTV above to watch the whole video!⁣

So here you go! I make this fresh every time I have a salad, but you can also store it in the fridge. If you’re hesitant to use raw egg yolks, you can substitute mayonnaise (I’d recommend avocado oil-based mayo) and the anchovies are also optional, but make it so much tastier and add some good, healthy fats!⁣⁣

* Yes, I use raw egg yolks and have never had an adverse reaction. I am super safe / clean / careful in the kitchen. If you go the raw egg yolk route, it’s at your own risk! Your taste buds WILL thank me!⁣


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