Keto Recipes for An Amazing Fourth of July

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Lolita Carrico
Lolita Carrico
A certified nutritionist and self-taught chef with a love for entertaining and experimenting with food, Lolita Carrico created Ketology after struggling for years with her own hormonal changes and weight gain. After having two children, she found that managing her weight and moods became more and more of a struggle. After researching the ketogenic diet thoroughly and understanding the science and nutritional aspects, she began her keto journey in 2018. Within three months, she shed 25 pounds and her mood improved, focus sharpened and her energy was through the roof. Four years later, she has maintained a 65-pound weight loss and has learned to intuitively follow a balanced keto lifestyle without sacrificing a thing!

While this year’s Fourth of July celebration may look a bit different depending on where you live, FOOD is not canceled! Fourth of July celebrations involving great food – specifically barbecues – with good ‘ol American fare is a summer tradition. And while burgers, dogs, potato salad and the like CAN be high carb and no-nos on a keto diet, we’ve rounded up eight recipes that are guaranteed to make your Fourth of July BBQ a keto success.

So, we’ve got the recipes you need to pull off a low carb, keto fourth of july barbecue that will satisfy everyone in the fam.

Recipe #1: Bunless Carmelized Onion Bacon Cheeseburger with Keto Approved Secret Sauce

You won’t be depriving yourself of anything with this burger! And the sauce seals the deal!

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Keto BBQ Grilled Chicken

Recipe #2: Keto BBQ Grilled Chicken

Tangy sweet barbecued chicken is one of our summer staples ? it?s a crowd pleaser, super easy to cook and a nice change from burgers.

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Recipe #3: Grilled Halloumi Bruschetta

Bruschetta is the ultimate summer?nosh ? fresh tomatoes, on top of typically toast ? is a flavorful delight. So while planning this weekend?s BBQ, I really wanted to serve bruschetta as an appetizer that everyone could enjoy.

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Recipe #4: Low Carb Guacamole

This simple, 5-minute, low carb guacamole is terrific with bell pepper and zucchini slices, or throw some Cut Da Carb flatbread in the air fryer for keto tortilla chips. Yum!

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Keto Coleslaw

Recipe #5: Keto Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a BBQ necessity, and the cabbage in coleslaw not only packs great nutrients but is low carb at just 2 grams of net carbs per CUP of shredded cabbage and combined with a high quality, high fat dressing or mayonnaise, it?s the perfect accompaniment for any keto barbecue. Get the recipe.

Recipe #6: Deviled Eggs

Who doesn’t love deviled eggs? While I love this spicy “bloody mary” deviled egg recipe, for traditional BBQs, I go for a more muted version – though I kick it up a bit with avocado to make these keto deviled eggs extra creamy!

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Recipe #7: Jicama French Fries

I decided to jump on the jicama band wagon and see how they stack up against potatoes as a burger side. The results = Delicious! It?s all about the seasoning ? but jicama has a very potato-like texture (minus the carbs) and with some manipulating, turned out great.

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Keto Lime Margarita

Recipe #8: Lime Margaritas

Any keto barbecue wouldn’t be complete without keto cocktails. We have a few on here, however this Lime Margarita is a classic that goes with any outdoor barbecue.

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