We consume a lot of eggs around here and they’re featured almost daily in our meal plans. My favorite way to enjoy eggs is usually poached, the delicate texture and perfectly runny yolks works well with so many dishes from breakfasts to soups to even a steak and eggs dinner.

However, poaching an egg can be tricky. My friends always ask how I consistently end up with perfect poached eggs – and the answer is a LOT of practice! In this quick video, I show you how I get them right each time.

Once I put the egg in the water, I cook it for about 90 seconds to get a perfect, runny yolk and well-cooked whites. If you prefer a firmer yolk, just leave it in for an extra 30 seconds before removing from the boiling water.

I also just use plain white vinegar in the water, but you can use flavored vinegars like tarragon or apple cider to impart a slight bit of flavor to the egg.


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