Whole Roasted Branzino is one of my favorite meals – and super quick and easy to prepare and so good. I’ll admit, I got turned on to this recipe after I saw a Twitter video of Chrissy Tiegen’s mom making it for her and it looked too good…and now I make this weekly during the summer when the temperatures are high and I want a lighter, keto fish recipe. This branzino recipe uses the whole fish, head and all – don’t be afraid! – it won’t bite and is so delicious when done. What’s important when buying a fresh branzino is to ask the fish monger (aka the seafood counter attendant at the market) to clean and scale the fish…and if you’re squeamish, they can also remove the head. That way, you have a cleaned out and descaled branzino ready for this simple, light and super delicious recipe.

Branzino is such a flavorful white fish, that I really keep it simple with this branzino recipe:  I only use olive oil, salt & pepper, fresh rosemary and lemon slices with my branzino. I serve it with some fresh arugula coated with lemon juice and a drizzle of good olive oil, and a few cracks of fresh pepper and voilà! The perfect lunch or a light dinner.

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