Top 10 Keto Must-Haves from Costco


I love Costco – not only for the great deals on so many essentials, but that they really keep up with the pulse of what people really want. Now that I’m entering my third year on keto and have slowly converted my sons over to the low carb life (almost), we go to Costco at least twice a month to stock up on our keto essentials. While there are dozens of great keto finds at Costco including steak and fish, today I’m rounding up my top 10 Keto Must-Haves products from Costco.

1. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

I use this powerful anti-aging supplement daily in my morning coffee and sometimes even add it to my afternoon kale smoothie. Collagen has loads of benefits from reversing aging and promoting a healthy gut and at Costco, you can find the 24oz. carton for $36.99 – compared to $42.99 elsewhere.

2. Grass Fed Beef Patties

You likely already know all about the benefits of grass-fed meat – it’s cleaner and has more nutrients than grain-fed options. These 100% grass-fed beef patties are a great deal and almost always in stock at Costco. We use them for burgers, but at this price for grass-fed beef, we even use it in recipes that call for ground beef. Definitely a must buy.

3. Wagyu Beef Patties

Similar to it’s grass-fed beef sister, lately we’ve found Wagyu beef patties – also grass-fed – which are 75% meat / 25% fat and delicious. Why Wagyu? Wagyu comes with a higher concentration of good fats like omega-3 and omega -6 and then being grass-fed makes it that much cleaner.

4. Safe Catch Ahi Tuna Packets

I love tuna salad and make it regularly to stuff in avocados and whip up for a quick lunch or snack. Tuna can be heavy in mercury levels, so you have to buy quality brands – which then can come at a price. Costco has these single-use pouches from Safe Catch, which is a phenomenal brand, and are easy to store and use. And, for high quality tuna, these are a great “catch.”

5. Kerry Gold Butter

Costco used to only stock the Kerry Gold salted butter, but we’d still snatch it up because Kerry Gold is well, the gold standard, in grass fed butter and Costco has it at rock bottom prices. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed they consistently stock BOTH the salted and unsalted, so Costco is the place to get your butter.

6. Pasture Raised Eggs

Eggs are another keto superfood and ideally, you want organic and pasture-raised. Again, Costco’s Kirkland brand brings high quality, pasture-raised eggs, and in a handy two-dozen carton at the best price I’ve seen for high quality eggs. Why splurge on pasture-raised when Costco also has regular eggs at an even better price? Nutrients and fat profile – pasture-raised means you’re getting only the best nutrients and a clean, delicious egg.

7. Folios Cheese Wraps

I’ve shared my love for Folio’s Cheese Wraps as a tortilla alternative and one of my favorite, quick lunches or snacks. They can be hard to find sometimes in traditional supermarkets, but Costco consistently has them. These are a keto staple in our house – I have them in my fridge all the time!

8. Organic Pecan Halves

Costco is a great place to stock up on nuts, but you have to be careful as many nuts, while not on the “dirty dozen,” can be high in pesticides. So, whenever possible, try to buy organic. Pecans are one of the lowest carb nuts and a frequent snack for me – but nuts can be pricey – so I always stock up on the organic pecan halves at Costco.

9. Grillo’s Dill Pickles

It’s difficult to find a really good pickle that’s not loaded with sugar or preservatives. Grillo’s are THE BEST pickles hand down and available in a giant tub at Costco. Also, the brine is so delicious – I use it to marinade my chicken breasts for keto fried chicken sandwiches. The best way to prepare chicken!

10. Olive, Coconut and Avocado Oils

Again, good fats are what fuel us on a keto diet, so we have to keep them stocked in our kitchen. Costco has amazing quality oils – their Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil is comparable to much more expensive brands – and you can’t beat the price. They also have Chosen Foods avocado oil regularly stocked. At these prices, Costco should be the only place you get your oil!


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