Craving Pasta on Keto? NuPasta’s Low Carb Pasta Is Close to the Real Thing

A bit of backstory before my NuPasta Keto Pasta Review: So while I really enjoy my keto lifestyle and don’t miss too many of the carbs — especially in favor of how I look and feel — you know, every now and then, you get that craving…like serious craving for a sandwich (we got you covered with this amazing bread that tastes exactly like the real thing) or pasta. I love zucchini noodles – for me, pasta is all about the sauce and and other elements so I’m good with zoodles or eggplant as substitutes because konjac (aka Miracle Noodles) can bee too fakey and make my stomach very unhappy?if you know what I mean. However this keto pasta is a game changer.

So, when I happened upon NuPasta at my supermarket, the fancy packaging certainly caught my eye, but then I saw the konjac base. I was still intrigued because I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. So a quick Google search from the supermarket all pointed to good reviews and the most pasta-like texture so – why not? – I decided to scoop it up and test it because I love you all and will sacrifice my intestines for you.

NuPasta comes in three varieties – angel hair, spaghetti and fettuccine. I tested the spaghetti and fettuccine options. First off, if you’ve tried Miracle Noodles or any other konjac-based noodle, you know you have to keep them refrigerated. NuPasta does not require refrigeration – it’s precooked and shelf stable – which is great. Like other alternative noodles, you have to drain and rinse them in water to try to get out some of the bitter taste, immediately upon putting these in the strainer, I notice zero odor and that unlike other alternative noodles that look translucent and glassy, these looked remarkably like real pasta. I went simple on the first run – adding it to a saucepan with some basic Rao’s Marinara (my favorite). I added some goat cheese for creaminess and the results were amazing. Al dente and definitely the most pasta-like texture I’d tried.

A few days later, my son made a lamb bolognese which I tried with the fettuccine variation of NuPasta and the results were the same – it held onto the sauce well which can be a challenge for other konjac noodles and was firm to the bite and satisfying like pasta!

The bottom line on my NuPasta Keto Pasta Review? I now keep these stocked in my pantry. My sons love pasta and make homemade pasta all the time – which normally I had to prepare something separate or go with zoodles to enjoy a similar dinner with them. While I still opt for zucchini noodles here and there, these are my new go to around once a week!

NuPasta Low Calorie and Low Carb Pasta – buy online or located stores at

Lolita Carrico
Lolita Carrico
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A bit of backstory before my NuPasta Keto Pasta Review: So while I really enjoy my keto lifestyle and don't miss too many of the carbs -- especially in favor of how I look and feel -- you know, every now and then, you...Craving Pasta on Keto? NuPasta's Low Carb Pasta Is Close to the Real Thing