Is Popcorn Keto? No, Here Are Some Alternatives!

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One of the biggest questions I get from people starting out with keto is, “Is popcorn keto friendly?” While popcorn isn’t a HIGH carb snack, I don’t recommend popcorn on a keto diet because a typical three cup serving has 14 grams of net carbs, which is more than I like to see in a nutritionally deficient snack. Really, all you’re getting is those carbs without nutritional value. For those following the 50 grams of net carbs model, that popcorn snack will take up almost 1/3 of your daily carb intake. I try to stay under 25 grams of carbs, so popcorn is definitely not keto friendly in my book. Will I grab a tiny handful out of my son’s popcorn bucket when we go to the movies? Usually, yes…but I won’t go all in with a full serving.

However I know popcorn is the perfect movie snack – whether you’re in the theater or at home (which is how most of us are enjoying movies at the moment!). I have found a bunch of delicious popcorn alternatives that will satisfy that crunch and comfort craving — and which you might like better than popcorn!

Lowrey’s Bacon Curls: my sister-in-law introduced these pork rind creations to me last year as a snack she always has on hand. Similar to microwave popcorn, the come in a little bag that you pop in the microwave for a few minutes and they “pop” up into fluffy, crunchy pork rinds that are so addictive. I love the Hot & Spicy flavor however the original sprinkled with some nutritional yeast for a parmesan-like flavor also is amazing. Plus, one serving is LESS than 1g of carbs!

Moon Cheese: Similar to cheese puffs or Pirate’s Booty, Moon Cheese comes in a variety of flavors and are JUST CHEESE for the most part and very low carb at 1g carbs per serving. I keep these in my car but also have them on hand for movie night and sometimes make a keto trail mix with these, pecans and some Lily’s chocolate chips. Delicious!

Cauliflower Popcorn

cauliflower popcornI’ve tried this recipe from All Recipes a few times and it’s delicious! I usually play with toppings like nutritional yeast, parmesan or seasoning salt — no matter what you top it with, it’s a hit!

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