Amazon Keto Prime Day Deals


It’s Prime Day! What is Prime Day? Prime Day is actually two days – October 13 and October 14 – and is’s two day deals extravaganza featuring their best deals of the year for Prime members. For those just starting on keto or seasoned keto pros, Amazon has a plethora of keto essentials…and Prime Day gives you a reason to stock up with keto prime day deals either way! So, here are our top 5 Amazon Prime Day Deals for Keto.

I just wrote that this is a must-buy at Costco because of the savings – however this is the best of the keto Prime Day Deals on Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is unbeatable at $25.46 for 20 oz. That’s nearly 50% off the regular price! Collagen is something I always stock up on and so important for gut health and anti-aging, and Vital Proteins is the gold standard. Buy at Amazon.

FatSnax Review

I am a huge fan of Fat Snax and their keto chocolate chip cookies are my favorite store bought cookies. These mini cookies are a perfect snack, made of high quality ingredients and only 1g of net carbs per serving! At 20% off and $11.99 for a pack of 3, I’m stocking up! Buy at Amazon.

I use this mini electric whisk every morning to whip up my Bulletproof coffee so the MCT Oil and Collagen Peptides (also on this list!) mixes up smoothly. And, if you love Dalgona coffee, you’ll want this in your kitchen. This whisk is 22% off at $13.99 and will last you forever. I have been using it daily for over two years and it still works like a charm!?Buy at Amazon.

Bone Broth is essential for any diet, however with keto, it is daily must-have if you can for collagen, good fat and for overall health. As we head into colder weather, I’m stocking up on Pacific Foods’ Chicken Bone Broths which are 30% for Prime Day. These shelf-stable cartons can be stored in your pantry for up to a year, so now’s the time to buy! Buy at Amazon.

These silicone molds are great for making all sorts of items – whether for baking keto cheesecake bites or for freezing fat bombs. I have probably half a dozen of these in my kitchen and use them almost daily. I love this set of 2 that has small square molds and medium-sized squares — and they are 21% off at $10.99 for both! Buy at Amazon.

I want to hear from you! What were you favorite keto Prime Day deals on Amazon this year? Share in the comments below!


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