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I’m a huge fan of Costco and love that they stock some of my favorite keto must-haves to keep my kitchen stocked with keto-friendly foods. Lately, some “keto” labeled items has crept onto the shelves and have piqued my curiosity — namely keto bread. Depending on where you live, the Costco Keto Bread will either be made by Franz or Galasso. My California-based Costco recently started stocking the Galasso brand, so I scooped it up to give it a test run.

Now, I won’t go too much into the science of if this bread is truly keto and more importantly, if it’s a healthy option. Yes, it comes in a 1g total carbs per slice – so technically, it’s keto-friendly. Thomas DeLauer who brilliantly explains the science behind ketosis and many of the foods we eat dove into it on his YouTube page – so take a watch for the nitty gritty on why you may want to skip the Franz keto bread or Galasso keto bread. But I’m here to give you my thoughts on taste and performance.

How the Costco Keto Bread (aka Franz Keto Bread or Galasso Keto Bread) Tastes and Performs

I love avocado toast and cream cheese and salmon on toast, so those were the first recipes on my list to try with the Costco keto bread. The bread toasts well and “feels” like regular bread and holds up well, however even with creamy avocado or a nice layer of cream cheese, the bread itself has a powdery, chalky taste that isn’t easily masked with toppings. So then I decided to try to make a breakfast sandwich by placing the Galasso keto bread in my skillet with the cooking eggs (which is a great hack for making a french toast like texture) and I thought this method would allow the egg to soak into the bread and get rid of some of the chalkiness. Alas, no…it still had the unappealing texture issue. We continued to use the Costco bread here and there since it comes in a two-pack, but will I buy it again? Likely not. I much prefer my homemade keto bread recipe which uses healthy ingredients and tastes great.

I have heard of the mythical keto bread Aldi carries which has gotten rave reviews however we don’t have any local Aldi’s – let me know if you’ve tried any of the above and your thoughts in the comments below!

UPDATED: I recently reviewed the Sola Keto Bread – read that review here for a better tasting, but still not 100% keto – bread alternative.

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Lolita Carrico
Hi! I created Ketology after struggling for years with hormonal changes and weight gain. As I got older, I found managing my weight and moods became more and more of a struggle. Within 3 months of switching to a ketogenic lifestyle tailored for my age, I not only shed 30 pounds of stubborn fat, but my mood improved, my focus sharpened and I have had nothing but positive effects! Learn more about my journey here.
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  1. Update! They now have keto burger buns made by the same companies at Costco. I still had the same issue, very chalky and not worth it in my opinion.

  2. I bought the Galasso brand yesterday and toasted it for breakfast today. I actually didn’t mind the texture because I got that ‘crunch’ that I was craving. I will always have toast it because it is crumbly in its native form. Wouldn’t say I’m in love but it served my purpose and glad Costco stocks this.

    • Yes, it’s so nice to see more keto options at mainstream stores for sure. I actually also have recently been trying Sola’s keto bread and it is REALLY good. Review coming soon 🙂

  3. Bought this Keto white bread at my local Costco out of curiosity. I tried every preparation possible: plain, toasted, French toasted. The most disappointing bread I have ever purchased. Tasteless, chalky (turns to dust in one’s mouth), zero elasticity and falls apart when spreading toppings. Finally, before throwing the second of the two loaves in the trash, I decided to put a few pieces that I tore into small pieces outside on the top of the wall for the birds. Even they wouldn’t go near it!

    • Haha!!! Yeah, it’s pretty weak. I do like the Sola brand though — not sure if it’s available in stores. I bought it online…

  4. I’m from California and had only had the Galasso brand and I have to agree the texture is chalky and it falls apart very easily. I recently went to a Costco in Oregon and purchased the Franz brand expecting it to be the same thing and let me tell you my mind was blown. Franz blows Galasso out of the water in every way. Taste, texture and durability are all way better. Too bad I can’t seem to find it anywhere near me and its 3 times as expensive when buying from their website 😔

  5. Try freezing it! It’ll last longer and prevent it from falling apart. Just pop it the toaster and its won’t get a chance to fall apart.


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