Kaizen Low Carb Pasta Review: A Worthy Contender Has Finally Entered the Low Carb Pasta Game

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pasta? But when you’re trying to follow a low carb diet, pasta is one of the first dishes we often have to give up, or at least significantly cut down. That’s where alternatives come into play, and believe me, I’ve tried many in my over six years on a low carb lifestyle. But today, I want to introduce you to a gem in the world of low-carb pastas – Kaizen’s Low Carb Pasta.


Testing out @Kaizen Food Company low-carb pasta with my family’s favorite Bolognese sauce. 🍝🌿 #lowcarb #lowcarbpasta #healthyrecipe #kaizenpasta #lowcarbrecipes #ketopasta #lowcarbrecipes

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Why Kaizen Stands Out

Made with Lupin beans, Kaizen’s pasta is not just any regular alternative; it’s a wholesome choice that significantly stands out in the market. Here’s why:

  1. Carb Content: With just about 6g of net carbs per serving, it’s a dream for those counting their carbs.
  2. Texture: This is the game changer! Unlike many low carb pastas that go mushy or just disintegrate, Kaizen holds its form. Whether you’re making a simple aglio e olio or a hearty meat sauce, this pasta complements the dish without falling apart.
  3. Variety: From fusilli to penne to cavatappi, they have a variety of fun and functional shapes.
  4. Quality Ingredients: While many alternatives come with ingredients that raise eyebrows, Kaizen’s keeps it real. No questionable additives, just quality.

Now, let’s talk about the star ingredient – Lupin beans. A traditional legume in Mediterranean cuisine, they’re not just chosen for the carb factor. These beans are rich in protein, dietary fiber, and minerals. They’re also known to help in stabilizing blood sugar levels, making them an excellent choice for diabetics. Moreover, their subtle taste makes them a fantastic base for pasta, allowing the flavors of your sauce and ingredients to shine through.

Putting Kaizen to the Test

I decided to put Kaizen to a family test. I paired it with our favorite meat sauce. Here’s a brief on the recipe:


  • Veggies: shallots, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, mushrooms, and zucchini
  • Ground beef
  • No sugar added sauce (I prefer Rao’s)
  • Cottage cheese (for that creamy texture and protein boost)
  • Fresh spinach
  • Fresh Parmesan
  • Butter
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. Sauté your veggies in butter till they’re translucent and aromatic.
  2. Add in the ground beef and brown it.
  3. Pour in your favorite sauce, let it simmer.
  4. Meanwhile, blend some cottage cheese till smooth and add it to your simmering sauce.
  5. Cook Kaizen’s pasta as per instructions. Retain some pasta water.
  6. In a skillet, combine the sauce, pasta, and a bit of pasta water. Throw in a handful of spinach.
  7. Serve it up and garnish with fresh Parmesan.

The Verdict? A resounding success! The pasta held its shape, absorbed the sauce beautifully, and offered that authentic pasta experience that we often miss with other low-carb alternatives.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a quest for that perfect low-carb pasta, your journey might just end with Kaizen. From its impeccable texture to its health benefits, it’s not just an alternative; it might just become your pasta of choice. Whether you’re following a strict low-carb diet or just exploring healthier options, give Kaizen a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Lolita Carrico
Lolita Carricohttp://ketology.net
A certified nutritionist and self-taught chef with a love for entertaining and experimenting with food, Lolita Carrico created Ketology after struggling for years with her own hormonal changes and weight gain. After having two children, she found that managing her weight and moods became more and more of a struggle. After researching the ketogenic diet thoroughly and understanding the science and nutritional aspects, she began her keto journey in 2018. Within three months, she shed 25 pounds and her mood improved, focus sharpened and her energy was through the roof. Four years later, she has maintained a 65-pound weight loss and has learned to intuitively follow a balanced keto lifestyle without sacrificing a thing!

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Let's be honest, who doesn't love pasta? But when you're trying to follow a low carb diet, pasta is one of the first dishes we often have to give up, or at least significantly cut down. That's where alternatives come into play, and believe...Kaizen Low Carb Pasta Review: A Worthy Contender Has Finally Entered the Low Carb Pasta Game