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30-Day Ketology Plan for Fat Loss

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Our 30-day program is a customized fat loss meal plan and program to help you get started with a Ketogenic Lifestyle that’s CUSTOM TAILORED for you based on your goals, your body weight, your age and your macros. Unlike other Ketogenic programs which make it difficult to track your macros to make sure you are losing fat with ketosis and involves lots of planning, our Ketology Blocks™ system makes it foolproof!

To get started, you’ll receive a survey to determine your calorie, fat, protein and carb ratios and your food preferences. Then, we’ll give you a custom meal plan that allows you to mix and match foods, choose from tons of recipes plus an eating out guide and snack guide to SIMPLY make sure you’re getting the right amount of fat, protein and carbs per meal and per day to get into ketosis, stay in ketosis and lose fat!

Start losing body fat TODAY, have more energy – look and feel your best! And, live a lifestyle that improves your overall health, reduces inflammation and makes you better from the inside out.

Our 30-day plan is guaranteed to help you shed excess fat and feel better – or we’ll refund you…no questions asked!

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Learn the basics of Ketology and get started with permanent fat and weight loss and more energy!

In the Initial 30-day plan, you’ll get:

  • Your customized macros and eating plan – with our proprietary Ketology Blocks™ system that makes it easy to live a ketogenic lifestyle without constantly counting calories and grams of fat, protein and carbs, dozens of recipes, fast food swaps, tips for sticking to your program while eating out, and “cheats” that won’t throw you off
  • Dozens of Videos – learn how to prepare Keto-friendly meals with simple ingredients that you can prepare in advance to keep you on track
  • Printable / Downloadable Shopping Lists – lists for you to keep on your phone or print when you’re at the market or eating out for reference

Over 100 Recipes

We’ve created over 100 delicious, satisfying, low carb recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to chose from. All of them are easy to make and so delicious, you won’t even feel like you’ve changed anything! Plus, we’ll show you what to eat out, during the holidays and on vacation to keep you on track and satisfied.

Sample Recipes:

  • Cheesy Manicotti
  • Breakfast Muffins
  • Bacon & Egg Crustless Quiche
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs
  • Fluffy Pancakes
  • Jalapeno Poppers
  • Salmon Benedict
  • Cloud Bread BLT
  • Instant Pot Chicken Fajitas
  • Salmon Caesar Salad
  • Keto Breakfast Muffins
  • Ketology Crack Slaw
  • Ketology Pizza Dough
  • Chewy Brownies
  • Butter Chicken
  • Pecan Delights
  • Keto Mocktails
  • Keto Cocktails (Skinny Margaritas and Mojitos!)
  • and over 100 more!

Guaranteed Results in 30 Days or Your Money Back

15 reviews for 30-Day Ketology Plan for Fat Loss

  1. Jeanette M.

    Holy moly this is so easy and it works! I have tried every single diet and my weight has gone up and down and up and down for decades. I eat pretty well and exercise, but no matter what I could not lose weight. Especially around my belly. I decided to try this because of the great videos and reviews I saw and I am so happy! The plan is easy, has lots of options and the daily emails are so encouraging and have such good info. I’m down 18 pounds in a month and feel so good. I even made it through Thanksgiving without feeling like I was on a diet in front of all our family. And the compliments I get from my co-workers each day just make me feel incredible. I can see myself sticking to this plan forever. Thank you!

  2. Sandra

    Thank you! This program is so easy to follow, the videos are AMAZING and recipes are so good. This helped me easily understand why diets – even when i tried keto – failed for me before and got me started the right way. I’m 9 days in and have lost 11 pounds so far and feel great. Definitely worth it!

  3. Sheena V.

    I feel great! I could eat the Manicotti everyday LOL. I am officially down 8 pounds after one week on this plan. It’s so easy and I never feel hungry. And after the third day, my energy is through the ROOF. My family doesn’t know what to do because there’s such an improvement in my mood. LOL. Love this program!

  4. Corinne

    16 pounds lost for far! I have been following this program for 3 weeks now and have lost 16 pounds. I realized how I was messing up my body with the wrong foods now. The recipes are so easy and SO SO SO good. I prepare most of my weekday meals in advance and it keeps me on track. The dessert ideas are so good too!

  5. Alicia M.

    There are tons of free resources to figure out the keto diet online, but this program has such good info and so easy to follow! It’s 100% worth it for the information, the recipes and to understand how the keto diet works and the right way to do it. Plus, the information specifically for women (not body builders, haha) and targeting specific problems with nutrition is GOLD. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  6. Julia L

    Thank you! What I love about this program is that it’s easy to put the meals together to make sure I eat the right ratio of fat and protein and carbs. The daily emails are so helpful too. 13 pounds lost since starting this at the beginning of November. I did fall off during Thanksgiving but then it was easy to jump back in.

  7. Amanda W.

    SIMPLY INCREDIBLE. I cannot believe how much weight I am loosing! I have been following the plan which is so easy for two full weeks. I have lost 11 pounds and feel great. The weight loss part is incredible but really, I do feel better too. I have more energy after the first few days of getting used to eating this way. The daily emails make my day too! The quotes are hilarious. Definitely recommend. 5 stars all the way. I cannot wait for the app…that will make this even easier!

  8. Alexis

    I was so confused about this diet whenever i read about it but wanted to try it. This plan breaks it down so well in easy terms and with easy recipes and guides to follow. I don’t feel like I’m buying foods I wouldn’t normally buy and it’s not expensive to eat on keto at all like so many people say! Just have to change a few things and Bam! Weight melts off. I definitely experienced the keto flu for a couple of days but the team coached me thru it and are so helpful. 17 lbs lost so far in 3 weeks!

  9. Rhonda M.

    SO easy. I have tried the Keto diet 2 times on my own in the past and it never worked for me. I thought it was just me but i realized that i never did it right because the information out there is so confusing! but all these people are losing weight on it so i know it should work. I found this plan on Facebook and tried a few of their free recipes and they were so delicious and i could tell they set them up differently. The blocks are so easy to track and i finally understand and am in ketosis and have lost 7 pounds in 5 days. This is game changing.

  10. Jessica

    Thank you! this system is so easy and it really works. like others have said, the tough part for keto is the keeping track but they really make it easy and the recipes are delicious! and their tips make it so easy to eat keto wherever and not feel like i’m on a diet. 29 pounds lost in two and a half months!

  11. Angie

    Thank you for understanding that calculating everything for this diet isn’t easy for everyone! I saw all these photos on instagram of people looking amazing but when i started to read about keto diet works, i could not figure it out. They way this program explains it and helps put meals together WORKS.

    THank you! Angie

  12. Tina

    Thank you! Simple, lots of resources and results!

  13. Dolly W.

    I failed at keto and couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I watched hundreds of videos however it just never worked for me and I felt there was zero variety in my meals. Something about the way this plan puts it together and the recipes just makes it so easy! Sure, you can probably figure it out by doing the research and watching videos are reading and looking up recipes but for me having all my info in one place and so many great ideas and tips makes this 100% worth every penny. thank you!

  14. Mary W

    If i could give more than 5 stars, I would! I finally feel like I found the right plan that will work for me to keep y weight down after yo-yoing for most of my life! Incredible, easy to follow information and great recipes.

  15. Tina C.

    I tried keto before and it was so confusing. This is great to learn the basics of the keto diet in a way that makes sense, is simple to calculate plus the recipes are so good. And the shopping lists help so much. I’ve discovered so many new foods that I like that I never knew about before. 18 pounds gone forever so far 😉

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