Keto Ground Beef Recipes: 8 To Try For Dinner

Ground beef is easy to keep on hand, and something I often stock up on at Costco because it’s affordable, and so versatile and keto ground beef recipes are both among the easiest and tastiest to prepare. – this is more than just hamburger meat! I prefer to buy 85% lean ground beef, especially if you can find grass fed ground beef because the fat content is higher – which is good for keto – and when you get a good quality beef, you know you’re getting high quality nutritional value. These eight keto ground beef recipes are in my arsenal regularly – I definitely make them at least once a month — and best of all, most have plenty of portions so we have leftovers for days!

Since we cook up ground beef a lot for our keto recipes, this tool I found on Amazon is the EASIEST way to evenly break up your meat while it cooks.

Keto Taco Casserole: Two Ways

This first one is actually two recipes! Mexican food is my major weakness – I definitely struggled when I realized I might have to give up tacos, enchiladas and margaritas! But, of course, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy all the amazing Mexican dishes without the carbs. Luckily, these two recipes for Keto Taco Casserole and Keto Enchilada Casserole will satisfy your deepest cravings. Ole!

Keto Taco Casserole
I make this in a cast iron skillet, but you can make it in a casserole dish or baking pan.
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Keto Stuffed Bell Peppers

I’ve never had an interest in stuffed peppers – they just never sounded all that delicious to me. But when experimenting with the glorious uses of pork rinds and pork rind crumbs as a breadcrumb alternative for keto dieters, I decided to make this tried-and-true Italian standby. These keto stuffed bell peppers have become a favorite in our house – my sons love them too.

Keto Stuffed Bell Peppers
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Keto Lasagne

This keto lasagne recipe uses Palmini lasagne sheets as the pasta substitute, but I often also make this with cabbage leaves, Cut Da Carb flatbread or even zucchini sliced thinly, lengthwise. Either way, it’s a delicious low carb lasagne recipe!

Keto Lasagne with Palmini Pasta Alternative
This low carb lasagne recipe using Palmini Pasta is a deliciously keto alternative that come close to the real thing!
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Spicy Keto Crack Slaw aka Egg Roll in a Bowl

I never understood all the buzz around Crack Slaw aka Keto Egg Roll in a Bowl – cabbage and ground beef = Keto heaven? Until I started experimenting with recipes and realized that #1, it’ss so easy to make (one pot!) and the combination of flavors is downright addictive. So I tried at least a dozen different recipes until I came up with my own delicious version.

Spicy Keto Crack Slaw
I never understood all the buzz around Crack Slaw… cabbage and ground beef = Keto heaven? Until I started experimenting with recipes and realized that #1, it’s so easy to make (one pot!) and the combination of flavors is downright addictive. So I tried at least a dozen different recipes until I came up with my own delicious version. You can adjust the heat – I love spicy foods so I turn it WAY up on this, however just use a portion of the sriracha and jalapeno or just eliminate it all together. 
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Cheesy Zucchini Manicotti

I make this Cheesy Zucchini Manicotti weekly – my kids love it and the zucchini mimics pasta so well, the flavors of the sauce, meat and spices come through perfectly. It’s hearty, super delicious and meets the macros – win, win, win!

Cheesy Zucchini Manicotti
You’ll never remember that the zucchini is in this recipe to replace pasta — the flavors come through and all the cheesy goodness takes center stage!

The Best Keto Meatloaf Recipe

We make this classic keto meatloaf recipe a few times a month – it’s a tasty, easy dinner that also makes for excellent leftovers the next day! Thanks to one of my favorite keto breadcrumb substitutions, crushed pork rinds, you won’t miss the breadcrumbs that are normally used in meatloaf at all. You can either buy pork rinds (we love them as keto potato chip alternatives) and crush them at home or you can buy a jar of pork rind crumbs on Amazon.

Keto Meatloaf
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The Best Low Carb Meatballs

I love to make these meatballs – only 1g of carbs! – and serve them with tomato sauce over zucchini noodles for a hearty dinner or I often make mini meatballs to serve as appetizers or snacks with little toothpicks and top them with a basil leaf and a small slice of fresh mozzarella.

The Best Low Carb Meatballs
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