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Chocolate Nut Butter Cup Fat Bombs?

This is officially the best keto fat bomb recipe I have ever made. Hands down. No competition. The best. ? ? I realized in a panic...

Nut Butter Fat Bombs with Collagen

Of all of my keto fat bomb recipes, this chocolate nut butter fat bomb recipe is so delicious, I'm going to have to make...

Vanilla Macadamia Maca Keto Fat Bombs

While I have never been a big sweets person, keto fat bombs have become my go-to way to end the day and get my...

Peppermint Patty Fat Bombs: Healthy Fats & A Treat in One!

I am known for making treats for friends, co-workers and family during the holidays - specifically, my cashew brittle and brownies have been big...

Chocolate Sunflower Butter Fat Bombs

Fat bombs have been my savior at the end of the day when I still need to hit my keto macros but also want...
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